Bare Feet
Bare Feet

Detox Foot Bath

The detox foot bath enhances the body's detoxification abilities. It helps to remove heavy metals and other toxic elements which results in a stronger immune system.​

 Jack Davis (229) 217-0577

Holistic Health Practitioner

Our Holistic Health Practitioner is trained in natural medicine. She works with clients dealing with chronic health issues as well as mental and emotional issues and helps them learn how to heal themselves.

Cynthia A. Barrington, BCHHP

(229) 454-0463

Bottles of Homeopathic Pills
Massage Table
Massage Table

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

Our biomagnetic therapist has been trained to use special magnets to identify areas of the body that need support. It can help to restore homeostasis, improve organ function, and release emotional trauma deeply stored in the body's memory.

 Jorge Mena  (229) 217-0577